Johnny Nitelife is largely a nonprofit entitiy but I do usually throw one charity event per year around the time of my birthday.

Back when I was younger my birthday was all about getting drunk and getting laid. Well now its about raising money for a charity and getting laid.

(KIDDING!!!)  but seriously….

In 2013 I partnered with OCEANA as a charity to focus on.

OCEANA is an ocean based conservation group that is leading dozens of initiatives all over the world.

Their main focus is to view the ocean as a potentially renewable food source for humanity that will continuously renew itself. If we protect the oceans and concentrate on sustainable fisheries, we should be able to feed the planet indefinitely. Unfortunately that’s not what is taking place at the moment. Fishing is an industry and through greed and corruption we have harvested almost all of the fish in the sea. Some estimate many fish stocks are at 10% of their peak levels. The good news is there is still time to save the bountiful harvest. With reforms, lobbying, and activism, we can save the oceans and underwater life from extinction. Please have a look at the OCEANA site and please come attend my next OCEANA fundraiser which will be held in March of 2015.


My last event featured custom ocean themed cocktails, live video projections of underwater action, great “deep” house, and your typical boozy nyc crowd. In 2014 we raised $7600 for the charity through many generous donations from our attendees. Thanks so much guys. For pictures of my last event DARK SEA held at the WOOLY in 2014 please click here


If you have any interest in partnering with me on my next event please dont hesitate to contact me

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