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  • hacienda

    Ibiza: the magical island of excess

    My first guest writer here on JNL.com is the multi-talented renaissance man himself, lovingly known as Black Jesus. BJ was my host on a recent visit to Ibiza. I can honestly say that I’ve never witnessed a human being engage in such focused and efficient...

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  • photo-fixed-edit-520x320


    First of all I would get plenty of sleep before showing up, because there really isn’t any good time to sleep. If you’re a neophyte to all this madness, have no fear, the right mix of caffeine and alcohol and a following a few of...

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  • IMG_0384

    BALLING ON A BUDGET. exclusive travel secrets from JNL

    Over the past ten years, JNL has slowly been tweaking and perfecting the art of getting the most out of your travel dollars. The truth is, I’ve had many hard years (in fact twelve) of being a student, and people thinking I was a rich...

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  • kolipe1


    If you had a year off work and had ulimited resources, what would you do? The answer is, IT DEPENDS on the season. Below is a monthly calendar of annual events and happenings around the world organized by season. Hopefully someone out there will use...

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  • 00012

    Mission Statement from Johnny Nitelife

    My goal is to provide completely honest, unbiased, non-commercial advice and directions on maximizing your experience on this planet. Everyday our world becomes a more hostile, overpopulated, overpolluted and corrupt place. The good news is this planet is big enough such that I think very...

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