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    Namibia: dreams become reality

    I was lucky enough to recently visit Namibia in January of 2017. Since returning to the states, its been over 2 months, and the buzz still hasn’t worn off, so Im going to share my story. Since the theme of this site has certainly taken...

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  • hacienda

    Ibiza: the magical island of excess

    My first guest writer here on is the multi-talented renaissance man himself, lovingly known as Black Jesus. BJ was my host on a recent visit to Ibiza. I can honestly say that I’ve never witnessed a human being engage in such focused and efficient...

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    Upperhouse Hong Kong: a peaceful sanctuary

    As a somewhat cost conscious traveler, I usually don’t recommend splurging on hotels and lavish accommodations. There are occasions however where it becomes appropriate, and if you’re going to go all out on the ultimate weekend in Hong Kong, look no further that the Upperhouse....

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    JNL dishes: The finest hotels in Asia

    I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the place so you don’t have to waste your time and end up at some tourist trap in cozumel fighting your way through a morbidly obese conga line at Carlos n Charlies. THE FINEST HOTELS IN ASIA...

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    BALLING ON A BUDGET. exclusive travel secrets from JNL

    Over the past ten years, JNL has slowly been tweaking and perfecting the art of getting the most out of your travel dollars. The truth is, I’ve had many hard years (in fact twelve) of being a student, and people thinking I was a rich...

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    Epic powder dreams: Selkirk Wilderness Skiing.

    Have you ever dreamed of that perfect bluebird day? Floating down a pristine tree run into deep, steep, untouched fresh as far as the eye can see?  As an advanced skier, you find yourself always chasing this impossible dream, the holy grail of powder skiing. You might...

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  • tulum beach

    BPM Festival: go for the music, love it for the Yucatan.

    I started this blog because I thought the internet was becoming devoid of any critical thought. Most sites are just trying to sell you something, in general nowadays you only get reviews about things being “amazing” or “awesome” This is not one of those reviews....

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    KAZANTIP: Ukraine’s answer to all your problems

    For four weeks in July and August, The Republic of Kazantip takes over the Crimean peninsula in Southern Ukraine. I attended this festival in 2009 for four nights, and I had a great time, but I have to say its not for everyone. Go ahead...

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  • woah

    BEIJING SIDEWAYS: the coolest thing to do in an otherwise pretty rough town

    I’m not saying I didn’t have a good time in Beijing, but I will say its not the most tourist friendly place. Beijing is dirty, no one speaks english, the traffic is bad, and walking around on foot and trying to use a map is...

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  • My beautiful picture

    Snorkeling with Whalesharks off a remote island in the phillipines.

    This is probably the most incredible thing I’ve ever done underwater. In southern Philippines there’s the coastal town of Donsol where in the spring months february through may, you can snorkel with whalesharks.  All you have to do is get a flight on Cebu Pacific...

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