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    Namibia: dreams become reality

    I was lucky enough to recently visit Namibia in January of 2017. Since returning to the states, its been over 2 months, and the buzz still hasn’t worn off, so Im going to share my story. Since the theme of this site has certainly taken...

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  • IMG_4168

    Epic powder dreams: Selkirk Wilderness Skiing.

    Have you ever dreamed of that perfect bluebird day? Floating down a pristine tree run into deep, steep, untouched fresh as far as the eye can see?  As an advanced skier, you find yourself always chasing this impossible dream, the holy grail of powder skiing. You might...

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  • DSCN5240

    How to get laid at burning man

    Believe it or not JNL has been to the playa many times, and now that I’m maturing into the autumn of my life, I’d like to pass on a little wisdom to a few of you young wippersnappers planning on heading out to the desert...

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  • My beautiful picture

    Snorkeling with Whalesharks off a remote island in the phillipines.

    This is probably the most incredible thing I’ve ever done underwater. In southern Philippines there’s the coastal town of Donsol where in the spring months february through may, you can snorkel with whalesharks.  All you have to do is get a flight on Cebu Pacific...

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