JNLXL miami beach march 25-27


Dearest Human,

Please join me on the last weekend of march in beautiful miami as I celebrate the last weekend of my 30’s.

This weekend is not a birthday party, and it’s not about me, it’s about us, and how grateful and lucky I’ve been to have awesome people to enjoy life with. It’s not a guys weekend, it is merely a celebration of life, and I’d love it if you took part in it.

Please arrive in Miami sometime on friday march 25th and please try and stay at least until after sunset on sunday night the 27th, or preferably until Monday the 28th.

I strongly encourage bringing a friend of the opposite sex and making it a fun co-ed weekend. It doesn’t have to be your gf or bf or wifey just someone fun who you may enjoy spending time with who you think would be a value add to the group.

Right now I have a big ass ocean front suite at soho house booked with lots of common space to be used as a hang out base for the weekend. A number of people have booked rooms there as well.

I have a feeling soho beach house is now sold out but its possible that there may be a few rooms there still under my name so please have a look. The other more affordable options are the ocean spray hotel, the holiday inn or best western next door, or the fountain bleu. I’m open to suggestions on activities but most of the weekend will be free form, open swim, judgement free, with a couple dinners here and there and a few surprises.

Please check back to this link now and again for more updates, and please keep this link to yourself, thanks!



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