Upperhouse Hong Kong: a peaceful sanctuary

As a somewhat cost conscious traveler, I usually don’t recommend splurging on hotels and lavish accommodations. There are occasions however where it becomes appropriate, and if you’re going to go all out on the ultimate weekend in Hong Kong, look no further that the Upperhouse. Nestled amongst the buildings in Admiralty in Central Hong Kong, this oasis of solitude truly sets the standard for service and luxury in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is rapidly evolving international renown not just as the banking center of asia, but for culture, cuisine, and art. If you’re planning on traveling to asia, its hard not to justify a stopover here, whether your looking for dining, nightlife, or just to experience the chaos and bustle that exists in this dynamic city. Upperhouse blew me away from the moment i got out of my cab. An attendant approached me as i got out of the car, and greeted me by name. I asked her how she knew my name, and she stated with a smile “That’s my job!” Right off the bat I was impressed, and from that point on it was just one superlative after another.

I was escorted to my room, and the bellman handed me a sparkling water with a lemon slice, and familiarized me with all the electronic bells and whistles that the room was appointed with. I immediately felt welcome, and the staff had even assembled a lovely gift bag for me with lots of cool Upperhouse swag that I still have stashed away somewhere in my apartment. The bathroom was like a spa, with candles and a ridiculous array of perfumed soaps and bathing products. This might have been the biggest bathroom I’ve ever seen, along with an incredible view of Kowloon from the 26th floor. My only regret from my stay was that I never really got a chance to fuck in the tub. (DID I JUST WRITE THAT?)

The rest of the room was a spacious feng shui relaxation zone amidst the gnarled chaos of central HK. Not a single decibel of noise from the street level was able to penetrate the room. The views of the harbor were much nicer than the mountain view room (see below) so ask for that if you can. I never really tested the concierge, but the level of personal service that existed here was nothing that I had ever experienced before. They gave you the feeling that no request was beyond their reach, and that they wanted to personalize every aspect of your stay with them.

On the roof of the upperhouse there’s a swanky cocktail lounge and a five star restaurant Cafe Gray which I highly recommend even if you’re not staying there. On the second floor there is an outdoor patio and terrarium with people relaxing (sitting around enjoying high speed wifi). They seem to have thought of every last detail in setting up this hotel, and taking in the entire setting as a whole for me was quite an experience. I’m really looking forward to my next visit.



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