BPM Festival: go for the music, love it for the Yucatan.

I started this blog because I thought the internet was becoming devoid of any critical thought. Most sites are just trying to sell you something, in general nowadays you only get reviews about things being “amazing” or “awesome” This is not one of those reviews.


For the most part the BPM festival is a collection of really talented artists converging on one of the most beautiful places in the world, the Yucatan Peninsula. You have miles of perfect white sand, alongside jungles, coral reefs, underwater caverns, and historical mayan archeological sites, how could you possibly screw this up?

The answer is greed. Club promoters will sell 1000 tickets to a venue that holds 500 people, not including all the “VIP” wristbands, and media passes that are sold, which ultimately lead to disappointed and ripped off people waiting in line to a club that is over-capacity, and full of dudes anyway.

If you dont mind packed clubs, sweaty ravers, long bathroom lines, and a long wait at the bar to get a warm beer, then the logistics of the BPM fest will likely not bother you.

However if you’re like us here at JNL, you probably want room to dance, say hi to the DJ, talk to your friends, order a round of tequillas at the bar, and just fucking enjoy your mexican vacation, right?


You can still have a good time, just do your best to avoid the BPM sponsored events at night. The day parties are fine, Mamitas and Cannibal Royale are great venues, and being by the ocean feeling the breeze and hearing your favorite artist is really a good way to spend an afternoon.

There are a number of great peripheral parties to attend as well, and if you come with a good crew and rent a villa, throw your own party, and be sure to invite me. But please, I don’t care who’s spinning, you really should avoid venues like La Santanera and Blue Parrott, I don’t care how awesome the DJ is or how dope your SUPER-VIP wristband is, it will not be a good vibe, and it won’t be a good time. I think your best bet is to spend your days doing daytime excursions then hitting the beach parties that warm up around four. The beach parties really get good around six and finish around nine, and best of all, they’re FREE. (thanks bpm)


Bull Shark Dive: I dont know anywhere else where you can do this, but I did it this year, and it was like no other dive Ive ever done in my life. I was surrounded by at least a dozen 300-500 lb man-eating bullsharks in 80 feet of water. The sharks are fed fish while you watch. You are specifically told to stay on the sandy bottom andto blow bubbles at them if they some at you. These were the biggest sharks I’ve ever seen, and they we’re in the midst of an all-out feeding frenzy. PHANTOM DIVERS

Day Trip to Tulum: about 45 minutes south of PDC is Tulum, which is a much more unspoiled and natural retreat within the Yucatan peninsula. Expect miles of perfect white sand, slow rolling waves, kite surfing, yoga, eco-concious resorts, a very relaxed mellow vibe, with some chic and stylish hangouts sprinkled in there. My favorite resort in Tulum is called Ahau Tulum, and is a lovely eco-resort with a burner vibe, which will make you feel like family. They have a whole range of prices on their accommodations depending on what your needs are. My good friend myk put together a great article on Tulum after a recent visit in december:TULUM’s HIDDEN GEMS

Cenotes: Deep under theĀ  Yucatan Peninsula there runs the largest network of underground caves in the world. You can access this underground world whether you just want to hike down into one, snorkel one, or scuba dive. There’s a cave for everyone based on how deep you want to go. When I dive caves, I always dive with Abyss, I find their guides to be top notch guides who only dive caves. Here’s a great description of angelita Cenote, one the most deepest and hardcore caves you can explore.

Snorkeling with a school of Sailfish: In the months of January and February, its is possible to witness large groups of sailfish feasting on baitballs of sardines in open water, near a small island just off the Northeaster tip of the Yucatan called Holbox. I havent done this but Im going to do it next year.

Chichen Itza: An ancient Mayan archeological site built around 900 AD

CUBA: Cuba airlines runs several flights per day from cancun, so its pretty easy to add on a couple days in Havana if you like.


I had a really good experience at MAHEKAL BEACH RESORT which is right around 38th and the beach, inbetween Mamita’s and Cannibal Royale. You can get a beachfront room here with great views, and somehow it gets quiet at night, I highly recommend this place.

Other spots I like are LA TORTUGA, which is closer to the center of town. I also like LAS PALAPAS, and I think the spots north of town are a bit nicer and less overcrowded.

Villas and apartments are plentiful if you have a big group, and this is the way to go if you can manage the logistics.




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